A&C's Story

Before founding Arcas & Callisto (A&C) Consulting, Jia Li worked in international development, and has rich experience in cross-cultural communication. However, she grew increasingly frustrated with the opaque communication and often poor attitudes of the intermediaries and agencies she interacted with during her time navigating the international business scene. China is a major beneficiary as well as contributor to the global economy, which has provided rich opportunities for new organisations to facilitate international commerce. Although many of these have helped companies enter the Chinese market and forge new international ties, some took advantage of the differences in language, culture, and regulations, profiting unethically and creating chaos for those wanting to do business, leading to inefficiencies in the market, and a crisis in trust.


Shaoqiang Li has more than 30 years of experience in construction materials, and has led or participated in many national-level research projects, contributed to many national and industry standards, and obtained more than 50 patents. He was also the Deputy Director of China’s Environmentally Friendly and Healthy Building Materials Standardisation Technical Committee. In the face of dramatic changes to our world, Shaoqiang knew that China needed to work with western nations to benefit everyone. The climate crisis continues to grow, both in severity and in its impact on the public’s consciousness. China, as the world's largest CO2 emitter, is under greater pressure to reduce emissions than perhaps any other country. In order to achieve carbon neutrality, the construction industry, a major emitter, must be dramatically reformed.


Jia and her father Shaoqiang founded A&C together in 2017, received support and an official endorsement from the University College London Incubator in 2018. A&C, with "Transparency Builds Trust" as its slogan and driving philosophy, committed itself to improving communication and efficiency by providing consulting services to clients exclusively under the protection of written contracts. A&C also aims to become a bridge for the learning exchange of construction materials knowledge between China and the UK, enabling global environmental goals, by deploying its nearly 40 years of experience in China’s B2B market to create efficient development strategies and provide high-value businesses contacts for those who wish to enter or expand within the Chinese market.


A&C will transform the image of this industry’s intermediaries and agencies through its transparent services, whilst accelerating China’s attainment of its environmental goals.

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