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IP Protection Service Launch


2 Feb 2022

How to Protect Your Intellectual Property in China Online Workshop

Your intellectual property is vital to the success of your business, and protecting your IP abroad is essential to securing your interests in other markets. Even if you’re not considering entering China, it might still be best that you register your IP in China, such as if you’re working with a Chinese manufacturer. On 2nd Feb, 2022, we launched our China IP services and held an online workshop. The CEO and founder of A&C, Jia W, Li showed us the essential background knowledge about IP protection in China.

Throughout our years, we've seen many, many founders and entrepreneurs struggling to find the right way to protect their intellectual properties in China. The process that they go through is normally extremely costly and inefficient.

A&C wants to make IP protection affordable, efficient, and accessible for every founder and inventor out there who needed their intellectual properties protected. Our co-founder, Shaoqiang Li, is the inventor of 60+ patents, most of which were registered in China. Having been through this process SO MANY times, we recognised that our experience can greatly benefit those who aren't as familiar with the process.

Victoria's success story with A&C

Vactraca is beautiful necklace with a lightweight pendant which doubles as a vaccination tracker. It highlights infants' routine immunizations information from birth to completion. It complements hospital records and can be used when vaccination cards are not available, defaced or destroyed.

As Victoria Ndoh wants to develop a global market and find a manufacturer in China. She needed to get her patent registered in China. When she had reached out to a lawyer here in the UK, the fee they had quoted were really high…

Listen to its founder Victoria Ndoh shares her patent registration success experience.

Our online workshop was successful. The topic we covered includes

• Basic IP knowledge

• Types of IP in China

• Patent in China (Invention, Utility model, design)

• Invention vs Utility Model

• Trade Marks

• Costs of application

Download the profile to learn more.

How to protect your IP in China
Download PDF • 3.64MB

Why not book your free consultation with us today? See how our experts can help you with your IP protection or your business strategy?

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