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Who we are

A&C is a bridge for business, innovation, and learning exchange in the construction sector between China and Europe. We enable global environmental goals by deploying our nearly 40 years of experience in China’s B2B market to create efficient development strategies and provide high-value business contacts for those considering entering or expanding within the Chinese market.


Carbon neutrality is a global proposition and China has a strategic determination to tackle climate change and welcomes advanced green products and technologies from developed countries.

Through years of market practice and analysis, we have found that the most long-term and sustainable China market strategy for foreign companies is to truly understand the Chinese market and adapt their technology to meet the market's needs. Our task is to help technology providers understand and adapt to the market, as well as avoid risks and establish long-term development mechanisms.

Jia W. Li
Co-Founder, CEO

Shaoqiang Li

Shaoqiang Li

Co-Founder, China Director

Shaoqiang is responsible for the operation of A&C in China. As a senior engineer in the building sector for three decades, he has extensive experience in the public sector, SOEs, and private companies.

Jia W. Li

Jia W. Li

Co-Founder, CEO

If you are an English speaker, you will most likely be interacting with Jia. Jia is responsible for UK operations. Her key focus is A&C's business development and delivery of quality service.

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Our history

Our founder Shaoqiang Li has nearly 40 years of experience in construction, and has played a key role in major advances in the industry. Below are some of the enterprises Shaoqiang has worked with.

Transparency Builds Trust.
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You can feel safe, protected by clear contracts and familiar laws. We provide transparent advice and referral services, and aim to maximise value while avoiding risk.


We prefer to help you help yourself, guiding you through early stages but equipping you with the tools you need to operate confidently and independently in the long term. We, in effect, teach you how to fish.

Our values

  • Transparency

  • Independence

  • Critical thinking

  • Sustainability

Our culture

A&C redefines "family business". At A&C, everyone is a part of our family, and everyone is free to express their views regardless of experience, position, ethnicity, or gender. 

A&C value
A&C vision

Our vision for the future


Promoting UK-China technology transfer and learning exchanges in the construction and building materials industry.


Facilitating the creation of a transparent, efficient and mutually beneficial business environment between China and the UK.


Contributing to the building of a green, healthy and carbon-neutral environment.

Who we've worked with

Find out how our experts can help you.

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