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Celebrating Change

Introducing Our Fresh Logo Design

As a consulting company, Arcas & Callisto takes "Transparency Builds Trust" as the core of its business and is committed to building efficient and transparent cross-cultural communication channels between China, the UK and the EU.

In order to better reflect the company's core philosophy, we have decided to update the A&C brand logo!

Inspired by 'Dialogue and Communication', the new logo expresses the importance of bridging the gap between clients and international cooperation through a diverse and efficient communication approach.

Arcas & Callisto Consulting
Arcas & Callisto Consulting

A&C aims to be a bridge for knowledge, information and learning about low-carbon construction. As part of our core business philosophy, we will enable our clients to be protected by contract and law and will provide advice and referrals to our contracted clients in a diverse and efficient way, bridging the gap between our clients, improving communication and efficiency and saving our clients' time.

Arcas & Callisto Consulting

In the future, A&C aims to help drive change and improve the image of the agency industry by providing efficient and transparent services. We will help promote China's early achievement of its carbon neutrality target and contribute to global carbon reduction initiatives.

Arcas & Callisto Consulting

We have also updated A&C's website with additional information on the company's history and more information, please visit our website for more details.


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