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Global Dialogues for a Sustainable Built Environment

In Sep 2021, the Ecological Environment Building Materials Branch of the China Building Materials Association and Arcas & Callisto Consulting jointly organized the first live broadcast of a series of experts' face-to-face forums on the carbon neutrality of the building materials industry and carbon reduction technology of building materials.

This year, in 2022, A&C would like to continuously facilitate collaboration and engagement between the UK, EU, and China, to jointly create a greener building industry. With the Ecological Environment Building Materials Branch of the China Building Materials Association, we co-host Experts On 2022: Global Dialogues for a Sustainable Built Environment Webinar Series. This series has been providing global perspectives on reducing carbon emissions and improving sustainability in the built environment.

In June 2019, the UK became the first major economy to pass legislation that commits the country to net zero emissions by 2050. In 2020, China officially announced the plan for carbon neutralisation, setting the goal of achieving carbon neutralisation in 2060. Carbon neutralisation is a mission of the entire humanity, and it is of great significance and a huge benefit for countries to share experiences and learning and achieve this goal together. The construction industry has been one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions, and as a result, held the most responsibility for reaching carbon neutralisation. The “Experts on” webinar series aims at exchanging expertise, promoting new technologies, and raising awareness amongst all professionals in the construction industry, to facilitate the process of achieving carbon zero through collaboration.

This year, the focus is on low-carbon building product design, innovative building materials, and C&D waste recycling.

low-carbon building
Topics of Session 1
Liwei Zhou:

Introduction to China’s Low-carbon Building Products and Standard

Fazhou Wang:

Carbon Mineralisation Materials and Technology

Sebastiaan Stiller:

Low-carbon Building Product Design and EPD Marking Certification

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low-carbon building materials
Topics of Session 2
Shuai Xie:

Energy Storage and Radiation Protection Building Materials

Andy Adamatzky:

Mycelium Fungi Building Material

Yi Long :

Smart Energy-saving Glass

Seyed Ghaffar:

Digital Fabrication of Low-carbon Concrete

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C&D waste

Topics of Session 3

Kai Zhao:

Circular Economy in China and International Research Collaboration on C&D Waste Recycling

Jan Valentin:

C&D Waste Recycling in EU and Innovative Research in Automation

Jingjiang Liu:

C&D Waste Recycling in China: Current Landscape and Future Developments

Vitalij Tetervov:

BIM & C&D Waste Management

Alfonso Arevalillo Romá:

CDW Pre-demolition Audits as a Way to Increase Reuse/Recycle Rates

Yong Wang:

Reuse of Structural Members

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