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The China B2B Success System

The China B2B Success System

Using our deep knowledge of China's B2B industry, gained through our nearly 40 years of experience, we have created the China B2B Success System, helping enterprises who want to enter the market or expand their existing business. This strategy will not only help you open new doors, but will also accelerate growth, and is particularly useful for enterprises engaged in chemicals, metals, and building materials, as well as advanced and green technologies. We also put a strong emphasis on the importance of maintaining IP rights and controlling risk.

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The China B2B Success System

Sales diversification


IP protection

High-profile demos

Market research

Market research is the most important first step for any business venture ... but the most valuable insights aren’t always available online. You’ll need to talk to people who know their industry like the back of their hand, and form specialised strategies that require fine-tuning according to local conditions.

Utilising our network of contacts, accumulated over decades of operation, we conduct deep and comprehensive industry surveys, helping you judge feasibility and potential, determine product positioning, and understand relevant laws and regulations. We combine this with market-leading field investigation and feedback, giving you specific suggestions and valuable strategies, and enabling swift action as needed.

IP protection

Market information is typically needed to form an integrated IP protection strategy. An integrated strategy is more efficient than applying for just one patent or trademark, giving all-round protection to prevent infringement due to regulatory loopholes.


Our long-term partnerships with some of the most renowned law firms in China guarantees the quality and affordability of our IP protection services, which includes our Patenting and Trademarking Service and Systematic IP Protection Strategy.

High-profile demos

In this step, we help you collaborate with existing major players to produce high-profile demo projects. These grant you instant credibility through, in effect, “borrowing” from the reputation of your larger partners, making it difficult for copycats to make a move on your product and name. These demos also tend to allow for a greater level of risk, with more scope for new products and technologies, meaning the project itself is more likely to receive government support.


We cover many types of organisation, including both public and private bodies, research institutions, state-owned enterprises, and industry associations, giving you access to a diverse pool of high-quality and high-value contacts.

Brand building

In our China B2B Success System, brand building appears after demos. But why?


Once your information is publicly available in China, copycats can (and will) scramble to register a fake brand, and move fast to get to that high-profile project before you. If this happens, your product becomes the “fake”. Therefore, once your first high-profile project is arranged, brand building should begin without delay.


The Age of the Internet has evolved the marketing environment into one powered by new media and big data, with searching and sharing being typical of the online consumer. Consumers no longer passively consume content, but now actively seek out new experiences. China's marketing environment is special, with its own answers to those services well-known in western nations, such as Baidu, WeChat, Weibo and Xiaohongshu. We are well-equipped to assist you in brand building in this unique market, through localised SEO, in-depth consumer insights, and a comprehensive plan for building engagement and reputation on a range of platforms.

Sales diversification

Many companies rush into an agreement with a general agent, who then proceeds to significantly hinder their development. We strongly recommend a slower approach, first setting up demos, understanding the market, and brand-building, before assembling diverse and long-term sales channels to expand reach and maximise your potential.


When helping you to select an agent, we will give you suggestions according to transparent research results, and help conduct in-depth background checks, screening thoroughly for risk, and safeguarding your interests.

Establish your position

With everything from the previous steps in place, you’ll need to get your business out there, and claim leadership in your industry.


We can help you to cement your position through attending exhibitions, joining enterprise associations, and contributing to industrial standards.

​​What makes A&C different?

We put you in the driver’s seat.

The purpose of our service is not to make you a passive passenger, relying on us as you venture into a new market, but rather to help you actively take the lead in establishing a foundation, and understanding China’s consumers, business culture, and legislation. Our goal is not to make you dependent on our consultation, but rather to enable you to make decisions and operate as independently in China as you would in your home market. We do this by making all of our information open to you, building trust through transparency, and following your lead on every step of your journey.

Market research
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How do you maintain your leadership?



Constant innovation is the key to maintaining success in China’s fiercely competitive market. You’ll need to collect rapid updates and feedback, make quick responses and adjustments, enhance your IP protection, and nurture your brands … continuously and consistently. But with our China B2B Success System, this process will sustain itself, needing minimal effort on your part to keep it ticking over like clockwork.

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