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Technological Consultancy

According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), buildings account for one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions and consume 40% of the world's energy. The entire construction industry needs to make adjustments quickly to achieve q truly green transformation.

To support this change, we leverage our nearly 40 years of experience in the building materials industry to provide comprehensive technical research and consulting services for clients. We also aim to work with clients to develop customized solutions that meet the needs of China's carbon-neutral building industry while adapting to local standards and conditions. With a philosophy based around mutual benefit, A&C aims to help both parties achieve sustainability goals while achieving cost savings and improving operational efficiency.

Circularity and Sustainability in Construction

Working with research organisations in China, the UK and the EU, we create circular and sustainable solutions for the construction industry. We have extensive experience and expertise in the following areas of research and innovation:

Solid industrial  waste utilisation

Solid Industrial
Waste Utilisation

New materials  ​

New Materials

Biomass Utilisation

Construction and demolition waste utilisation

Construction & Demolition Waste Utilisation

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International Research Initiatives

International Research Initiatives

Waste utilisation, circularity, and environmental sustainability are global issues, requiring global solutions. We take part in global research initiatives such as RECONMATIC to unite partners from the UK, EU and Asia. In facilitating such international research collaborations, we merge local and international knowledge, achieving global impact.

With the constantly rising pressure of population growth, creating a sustainable building environment is a global issue. As a major emitter of carbon in the construction industry, China needs to closely collaborate with other countries.


Our business experience covers many types of organisation, including both public and private bodies, research institutions, state-owned enterprises, and industry associations. We are able to facilitate the participation of various parties, including various Chinese government departments, industry associations, research units, and enterprises, and coordinate their participation in projects, promoting project development and ensuring smooth cooperation.

RECONMATIC Chinese partners

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