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A&C Attends China Concrete and Cement Innovation Forum with UK Lower Carbon Concrete Group

China is the world’s largest concrete producer, facing significant carbon emission challenges due to rapid urbanisation. To address this, China is exploring low-carbon concrete production methods. In 2024, from May 31st to June 2nd, the China Concrete and Cement-based Products Association (CCPA) will host the China Concrete Exhibition, showcasing green innovations and providing global development opportunities. The event will feature leading companies, research institutions, and international groups, and include an innovation forum to discuss low-carbon technologies and standardisation, promoting sustainable development in the construction industry. Arcas & Callisto (A&C) and the UK Lower Carbon Concrete Group (UK LCCG) will attend to promote international collaboration on low-carbon construction.

China Concrete Exhibition

Concrete production has a significant impact on carbon emissions, with cement being a major contributor. China's cement industry accounts for about 8% of the country's total carbon emissions. As urbanization increases, so does the demand for concrete. China is actively exploring eco-friendly production methods, promoting low-carbon cement, and developing new concrete formulas to reduce environmental impact while supporting economic growth.


The increasing need for low-carbon concrete is leading the industry to prioritize sustainability. The 2024 China Concrete Exhibition, organized by CCPA, will showcase industry innovations with the theme "Green, Low-Carbon, Smart, High-Quality". This event will provide global opportunities, particularly in emerging markets like the Belt and Road Initiative. The event will include comprehensive, equipment, materials and product zones.

China Concrete Exhibition
China Concrete Exhibition

Concrete and Cement Innovation Forum

The forum, held alongside the exhibition, will bring together representatives from national innovation centers, research institutions, key laboratories, and industry innovation leaders. Discussions will focus on how traditional concrete and cement industries can innovate through technological, strategic, and developmental changes.

A&C's CEO, Jia Li, and UK LCCG Chairman, Andrew Mullholland, will attend the forum.

China Concrete and Cement Innovation Forum

A&C, headquartered in London, facilitates technology exchange between China and the UK in the construction materials industry. The company aims to bridge communication on sustainable construction. Jia Li will discuss collaboration between the construction industries of both countries.

Arcas & Callisto (A&C) Jia Li

The UK is a leader in international construction standards, offering high-quality, innovative, and sustainable practices. UK LCCG includes professionals from various sectors who are leading sustainable development by sharing knowledge and tracking progress to advance low-carbon concrete technologies.


Andrew Mullholland will discuss the standardization of low-carbon products, which is essential for implementing environmental policies, ensuring product quality, enhancing building durability, and promoting sustainable market growth.

futurebuild LCCG Andrew Mullholland

We invite professionals from the industry to join our forum, engage in discussions, and explore opportunities for collaboration. Share your ideas and expertise to enhance the development of sustainable built environments.


May 31, 2024, 2:00-5:00 pm.


Nanjing International Expo Convention Center

Contact information:

Chen Yu +86 18710259981

Cheng Qian +86 18519023881


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