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We promote international R&D collaboration, help our clients excel in the Chinese market and contribute to global carbon reduction initiatives.

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Decades of experience in the built environment sectors

Multi-dimensional insights

into the market

Working with a wide range of enterprises and institutions

Efficient and transparent cross-cultural communication 

Shanghai City

China has sustained its high economic growth for over three decades, but at the cost of its natural resources, becoming the world's largest CO₂ emitter.

It has now committed to sustainable development and carbon neutrality by 2060. The potential this carbon reduction efforts offers is enormous.

What we do

Research and
Technological Consultancy

Research and Innovation

Working with research forces in China, the UK and the EU, we create circular and sustainable solutions for the construction industry. 

China Business Development

The China B2B Success System

The China B2B

Success System

A&C has created the China B2B Success System, helping enterprises who want to enter the market or expand their existing business.

Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Exchange

Whether for assisting in international trade, or helping solve the climate crisis, bridging knowledge gaps is essential. That’s why we value the sharing of our experience through webinars, blog posts and courses.

Who we are

bridge for business

Arcas & Callisto Consulting (A&C) is a bridge for business, innovation, and learning exchange in the construction sector between China and Europe. We enable global environmental goals by deploying our nearly 40 years of experience in China’s B2B market to create efficient development strategies and provide high-value business contacts for those considering entering or expanding within the Chinese market.

Meet our experts

Shaoqiang Li

Shaoqiang Li

Co-Founder, China Director

Shaoqiang is responsible for the operation of A&C in China. As a senior engineer in the building sector for three decades, he has extensive experience in the public sector, SOEs, and private companies.

Jia W. Li

Jia W. Li

Co-Founder, CEO

If you are an English speaker, you will most likely be interacting with Jia. Jia is responsible for UK operations. Her key focus is A&C's business development and delivery of quality service.

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